A Reflection on Amal Fellowship Journey

Abdullah Mahmood
3 min readJun 5, 2021


When I applied for the Amal Fellowship, I assumed the internship would be as planned and professional as it typically is. However, once accepted into this coveted fellowship, all preconceptions disappeared. And I was able to improve a variety of different skills. As my incredible Amal Fellowship adventure comes to an end, I’m writing this blog to reflect on some of Amal Academy’s positive outcomes.

What is Amal Academy, and what does it do? It’s a platform where you may transform your ideas and turn them into actionable plans. It’s like being part of a family where everyone supports you to advance professionally. This fellowship encourages you to be yourself and self-assured.

Online Sessions, Online courses, Amal learning groups and eventually Mega project helped me to learn and grow both in my personal and professional life. It is not fair if I talk about only one experience that has an impact on me because every moment of this journey gave me a lot of lessons that I am trying to inculcate in myself. I want to mention some of them like Knowing yourself, designing your life map, refining your goals, making smart goals, learning new tools, applying Pomodoro technique, understanding problem solving techniques, Leading without authority, receiving feedback, collecting fund for Edhi foundation, attending assessment center, experiencing mock interview, accepting failures, building a professional resume, writing a professional cover letter, connecting with people (within and outside the network), taking one-o-one sessions and paying gratitude.

Fear comes from uncertainty; we can eliminate the fear within us when we know ourselves better. - Bruce Lee

Self-awareness is the most important factor that has had the most impact on my personality. I’ve always doubted myself as an introvert when it comes to soft skills. I realized that I possess abilities such as team management, problem-solving, and decision-making as a result of Amal academy’s aid. Without a doubt, these abilities deserve refining, and I am working on it.

This journey is winding down, and it’s difficult to comprehend that in a week, I won’t be able to communicate with any of my colleagues on weekends. I’d want to add one more thing here: aside from my circle members, all of my batch-178 classmates are like family to me. Inshallah, I hope we will be able to communicate and see each other on a profound level.

Finally, I’d want to express my gratitude to Mam Sahar and Sir Saim for their constant encouragement and guidance. I’d also want to express my gratitude to Group-3 (Laiba Riaz, Osama Waheed, and Asfa Karam) and Group-4 (Allah Ditta, Asfa Karam, Ruqia Tahir, Aqib Jahangir, Malaika Farooq, and Nouman Afzal) colleagues. Thank you for always being my pillar of support and for always paying attention to what I have to say.

This is concise reflection on my Amal fellowship journey. Hope, you will find it relatable.