Amal Academy | Visualizing Your Experience

Abdullah Mahmood
1 min readJun 12, 2021

When I first applied for the fellowship at Amal Academy, I had no idea about many important aspects of professional life. As a learner, I’ve always wanted to do new things and learn new things in order to improve my skills.

It’s never simple to remember anything for a long period. I’ve had a lot of difficulty with it. I’ve always been the sort of person who attempts to recall information via symbols and objects. That, I believe, aids your ability to imagine and brainstorm efficiently.

When I look back now, there are so many incredible experiences. Amal principles such as Amal, Khudi, Kam Kam Kam, and Ek aur ek giyaraa have been taught to me. This makes me think of Iqbal’s shaheen. If I were to sum it up in a few words, they would be “Don’t give up,” “Always reflect,” and “Grit.” This makes me think of Iqbal’s shaheen (Eagle).