Five Acts Of Kindness

1: My aunt was admitted to the hospital at the beginning of the year. I stayed there to look after her for several days. There was a genuinely tragic vision of patients there. One of the ward patient’s caregiver needed some money to purchase medicine. I assisted him by giving the money. I truly felt sorry for him. By now, I hope his patient has gone home and is doing fine.

2: An old egg selling hawker passed by our street each evening in winters. I listened him pleading to buy eggs. I bought eggs from him even though I didn’t need them. I aim to assist hawkers and street labor by buying their goods and helping them in earning halal money.

3: My laptop was once damaged by my sister, who hitted it against the wall. I was really upset at first, but I calmed down myself and didn’t say anything to her. I believe that controlling one’s frustration in such situations allows a relationship to continue successfully.

4: I cleared my MPI (Microcontroller Programming Interface) earlier than one of my friend. He requested my electronic modules for his project at the time. I needed them for some other work, but I gave them to him in the intention of facilitating him.

5: While passing by Market, I recently bought a mud plate for birds. I want to feed birds through it. We should be really kind towards these little creatures of God.

This is from my side. Hope, you’ll find it interesting.



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