Fixing Stuff Around Yourself

Abdullah Mahmood
2 min readApr 4, 2021

Truly speaking, I am terrible with regards to keeping up stuff around me. However, it doesn’t imply that I don’t care for the very much arranged things around me. In reality more often than not, keeping up it by my own is an issue for me. A week ago I have wanted to work about it as it was a requirement of weekly Amal project work.

Before Fixing…

Situation Before Fixing

First of all, I took all the stuff which was of less use and put it down in cupboard. Then I took my laptop and books from there and removed the dust from bedsheet. Actually my motive was to make it look cool and simple. Therefore, I was planning to rearrange most of the stuff.

After Fixing…

Situation After Fixing

To manage remaining stuff, firstly I folded the blanket and put it down on one corner of the bed. I placed laptop and some important books near my pillow on other corner of the bed.

One important change I brought in this arrangement was small basket for ball point/pen . Now, It was looking better.

Not a long one but this was the my whole story against “Fixing Stuff Around Yourself”. Hope you’ll find it relatable.