Getting Closer To Your Mega Project Problem

Abdullah Mahmood
3 min readApr 9, 2021

My family recently moved from our hometown to a new city. The experience was pertinent, in general. Our new home is situated in a street along a canal in a nice place.

Canal alongside Our Society
Canal Bridge

Our environment is being ruined as a result of slum dwellers’ poor behavior, and we are also to blame because, despite our understanding, we follow in their footsteps and practice bad habits.

One of the problems we’ve had with the new place is the unregulated garbage. Near our house, there are a lot of slums along the canal. Locally, people calls their residents “Pakhi’vaas-پکھی واس”. Slums and their inhabitants are a major source of garbage. Within the slums, there is no sanitation. Residents of the slums gather scrap from the garbage dump and place it alongside the canal road. There is no proper water supply or washrooms in the slums.

Garbage alongside Canal Brink
Slums alongside Canal Brink

The main reason for this is, unregulated population in the slums, and children who are always filthy. Residents in those slums are unconcerned with hygiene. Because of the garbage generated in slums, our area has a lot more mosquitoes than others. It would undoubtedly exacerbate malaria and other illnesses, and everyone is aware that such pollution contributes to air quality, which causes respiratory difficulties.

Residents in my neighborhood are also upset that such a beautiful place is devolving into a mess. The canal road has a very pleasant view in general, and many people have built parks in their properties alongside the road, but the slums and trash are wreaking havoc on the otherwise lovely area. Furthermore, the canal bridge is a lively hub of activity and a popular location.

The government owns the land along the canal where these slums are located. To my understanding, no one from the authorities has ever paid attention to these slums and the poor living standards over there. Maybe, the reason behind is that these people are easy pick voters for someone.

First Step: I am intending to file a complaint about it in PM Citizen Portal.

Second Step: I’m definitely thinking to organize some person and group actions to help turn this mess into something better.

My Hope: If the government intervenes in this slum area and provides jobs or better living arrangements for the inhabitants, it will come to an end. Moreover, this location can be used to provide a refreshing spot to passersby as well as to create some work opportunities.