Reflection on Amal Totkay

Abdullah Mahmood
2 min readApr 9, 2021

In last few weeks, I have spent good time in Amal fellowship program. I have learned so many amazing things from different experiences. These are related to personality and capacity development. I have learned four principles of progress. These were introduced with terms like AMAL, KHUDI, KAM KAM KAM and EK AUR EK GIYARAA.

Now, Amal team provided new tips with the title of AMAL TOTKAY. These tips are truly relevant and specific. Actually, I think most of these tips are derived from Amal Principles of Progress.

For instance, “self talk” is based on amal principle of khudi. Furthermore, “get out of your comfort zone” and “create new habits” are based upon principle of kam kam aur kam. Just like that, “ask people help” is based on principle of ek aur ek giyaraa.

The most favorite tip is “fake it till you make it”. I love it because this is something you can do even in your bad times to motivate yourself and keep the game on.

These are my brief thoughts on theses tips. Hope you’ll find it relevant.